Patrick Priebe crafts a Steampunk-esque Jinx zapper pistol from League of Legends

DIY_Jinx_Zapper_Pistol_ League of Legends_Patrick_Priebe_6

Patrick Priebe is known for his ingeniously crafted re-creations of laser-based weaponry from the realm of video games. Last month, he created the glorious laser sniper rifle inspired by the Borderlands universe. Around 3 ft long, and weighing over 3 lbs, the gun with its conspicuous Maliwan logo, boasted of blue 1.5-watt burning lasers, a one mW red laser for taking aims and a scope-mounted battery level indicator (all powered by a Li-ion battery). And, this time around, he has jumped into the world of MOBA from action-shooter RPGs. The result is the Steampunk-esque zapper pistol of Jinx’s – from the world of League of Legends.

DIY_Jinx_Zapper_Pistol_ League of Legends_Patrick_Priebe

Once again dictated by a geek-worthy paraphernalia of lasers and lights, the zapper pistol is embellished with both blue and white LEDs along the barrel. As for the main form, the gun features sections of both golden aluminum and brass, while its grip is crafted from rosewood. However, the piece de resistance of the contraption is surely the eye-catching ‘lightning-in-a-jar’ type capsule at the rear of the barrel – made from a flash tube and filled with xenon gas. So, when you press the trigger, the convoluted wires get illuminated by action of voltage.

Of course, that is not the only thing the trigger-pressing does. The true-to-its-name zapper pistol also emanates a 1.6-watt blue beam of laser (like every Patrick Priebe’s contrivance), powered by a single 600-mAh Li-ion battery. This ‘shot’ is strong enough to at least make a small dent on your wall (or pop your birthday balloons). In other words, yes – the DIY Jinx zapper pistol is too hot for cosplay!

DIY_Jinx_Zapper_Pistol_ League of Legends_Patrick_Priebe_2 DIY_Jinx_Zapper_Pistol_ League of Legends_Patrick_Priebe_5 DIY_Jinx_Zapper_Pistol_ League of Legends_Patrick_Priebe_1 DIY_Jinx_Zapper_Pistol_ League of Legends_Patrick_Priebe_4

You can also catch the video of the Borderlands Sniper Rifle –

Via: Gizmag

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