Dual wind turbines to provide clean power to the imposing Eiffel Tower

UGE_Vertical Axis_Wind Turbines_Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower goes green! And this wondrously sustainable scope is courtesy of two vertical axis wind turbines from Urban Green Energy (UGE). Installed as a part of the ongoing renovation process, the VisionAIR5 wind turbines are set up at a height of over 400 ft, while they will account for a substantial 10,000 kWh of clean power every year – which is good enough to provide electricity for the entire first floor (only commercial areas) of the famed landmark. This particular height point just over the tower’s second floor was chosen so as to utilize winds from multiple directions, thus optimizing the turbines’ output.

Beyond the scope of practicality, there is always the ambit of aesthetics. To that end, the turbines were painted in a such a manner so that they could seamlessly blend in with the hue of the Eiffel Tower. This color scheme is complemented by the silent nature of the VisionAIR5 technology, which makes them a worthy addition to the imposing yet historic nature of the late 19th century structure. Just to put things into perspective, the seamless visual and acoustic side of affairs is pretty crucial – since Eiffel Tower is the most-visited paid monument in the world, with the over 250 million cumulative visitors recorded way back in 2010. This sentiment is mirrored by Nick Blitterswyk, CEO of UGE –

The Eiffel Tower is arguably the most renowned architectural icon in the world, and we are proud that our advanced technology was chosen as the Tower commits to a more sustainable future. When visitors from around the world see the wind turbines, we get one step closer to a world powered by clean and reliable renewable energy.

And quite interestingly, the green refurbishment project is not just limited to these advanced VisionAIR5 vertical axis wind turbines. The Eiffel Tower additionally boasts of efficient LED lighting, 10 sq m (108 sq ft) of solar panels, highly effective heat pumps and even a rainwater collection system (for provision of flushing water in toilets).

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Via: WindPowerEngineering

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