Adam Tran’s origami counterpart to realistic dinosaur specimens, entices us

When translated from Japanese, ori means ‘folding’, and kami means ‘paper’. And Adam Tran’s origami transforms this art of folding paper to a realistic level rarely encountered before in the scope. The end results pertain to a wide variety of wild life, with some being exotic like dinosaurs, and some related to more mundane stuff like insects. But the common aesthetics prevalent among these paper-made creations is the sheer level of detailing and artistry that has gone into each of the specimens.

As a result, we can comprehend (and admire) the jagged teeth, the leathery scales, the spiky contortions and ominous claws – all crafted by the modification of only paper. And moreover, there is a conscientious side to the whole scope, with Tran’s artworks being exhibited along the national circuit in his native Vietnam – thus raising awareness about the fascinating art in the country.

Adam Tran_Origami_Dinosaur_1 Adam Tran_Origami_Dinosaur_2 Adam Tran_Origami_Dinosaur_3 Adam Tran_Origami_Dinosaur_4 Adam Tran_Origami_Dinosaur_5 Adam Tran_Origami_Dinosaur_6 Adam Tran_Origami_Dinosaur_7 Adam Tran_Origami_Dinosaur_8

Via: ThisIsCollosal

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