Nomadic Shelter: A temporary modular cabin designed for festival goers

Modular_Nomadic Shelter_ Salt Siida Workshop_7

In December last year, we talked about B-And-Bee – an accommodation setup for festival goers. Following on the heels of the same design scope, is the above pictured Nomadic Shelter, a modular habitation unit envisaged by Norwegian Salt Siida Workshop for the hardy festival-going folk. To that end, the entire installation boasts of a substantial 130 sq ft area, while its spatial efficiency can account for up to 12 people inside its confines.

In terms of structure, the modules pertain to simple wooden boxes that can be stacked atop each other by just using manpower. These wooden boxes in turn are crafted from 2×4 inch timber logs , while protected from outdoors by overlapping 1×4 inch planks – thus making them both weatherproof and water-resistant. Ultimately the boxes are feasibly are secured by screws and straps, thus amounting to a solid (yet lightweight) habitable unit with over 4.8 m (16 ft) in height. And, the best part is – all of these modules can just as easily be dismantled and shipped, to be used in an entirely different location.

The aforementioned height can be scaled by the occupants via an accessible ladder. And since we brought up the ambit of occupancy, the serious advantage of the Nomadic Shelter its capacity to be reconfigured to suit the occupants. This coupled with the straightforward construction method and the reusable (or recycled nature of wood blocks) certainly makes the design low impact. And interestingly, there is no flooring component inside the temporary habitat, with the ‘courtyard’ ground allowing for fire pit in the sand. This not only entails core heating of the interior space (even in Arctic conditions), but also brings the occupants together on a micro-communal level.

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Via: ArchDaily

Image Credits: Piotr Paczkowski.

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