Behold the Millennium Falcon guitar customized from an actual toy!


We have harped about many a Millennium Falcon models and even furnishings. But what about transforming your ole Millennium Falcon toy into a fully fledged working guitar? Well, that is exactly what UK-based Doni Latchford ingeniously brings to the table with the ‘musical’ refurbishment of the Star Wars toys that were released between 1979 to 2004. The glorious end-results pertain to the bad-ass Millennium Falcon guitars that flaunt the right kind of ‘force’.

The above pictured $710 ‘Han Solo Guitar’ is inspired by a 6 string Stratocaster, but has a fully plastic body (recycled from an old Star Wars collectible). And, in spite of its plastic credentials, Latchford assures us that the guitar boasts of a ‘wonderful tone’ with a ‘half decent amp’. On the other hand, the so-named $789 ‘Rebel Bass’ is a P bass style guitar with all the works. The later part includes the installation of the groovy LEDs that emanate the space opera-esque bluish glow. And, to complete the geeky quotient, the shop offers a fully customized flight case for an additional £225 (around $347).

Millennium_Falcon_Guitar_DoniGuitars_3 Millennium_Falcon_Guitar_DoniGuitars_1 Millennium_Falcon_Guitar_DoniGuitars_2 Millennium_Falcon_Guitar_DoniGuitars_4

So, if you are sufficiently enticed by the Star Wars-inspired guitars, do take a gander the online shop of DoniGuitars over at Etsy.

Via: LostAtEMinor

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