Egypt’s proposed tallest building will emulate the ancient Pyramids

Zayed Crystal Spark_Pyramids_1

The Sheikh Zayed City has been a part of the Greater Cairo urban area which boasts of more than 1.7 million population. And, now the ‘district’ is about to have its new set of pyramids that are larger than the imposing ancient specimens we have come to know and be awed by. Dubbed as the Zayed Crystal Spark, the ambitious project will entail a 49-storey structure that rises to a height of 200 m (656 ft). In essence, it will overtake the actual Great Pyramid (which is 138 m) and even Egypt’s current tallest building – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (at 143 m).

The grand endeavor is expected to be a collaborative effort from numerous real estate developers and the Egyptian government’s New Urban Communities Authority. As for its details, we can actually make out two pyramid-like structures ‘fusing’ to form the main building – with one being conspicuously tall and the other one being broader along the base. The mega-structure will be a part of a 190-hectare site that is in close proximity to the famed July 26 road (that leads to a 30 minutes drive to the actual ancient Pyramids).

Zayed Crystal Spark_Pyramids

Finally, coming to the purpose of the Zayed Crystal Spark, we would presume that the pyramid building will account for a mixed-used space. According to Moustafa Madbouly, Egypt’s minister of housing –

It is an administrative, commercial and entertainment project as it includes buildings for various purposes, in addition to the unique 200-meter tower.

However, the modern pyramid will still remain well short of Africa’s proposed highest building – the ‘Mordor-esque’ Al Noor Tower planned in Casablanca, Morocco with its 540 m (1,770 ft) height.

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Via: Dezeen / The Cairo Post

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