Light Cocoon Concept vehicle inspired by leaves and bat-wings


This year’s Geneva Motor Show did bring us the hybrid Koenigsegg Regera, the fastest accelerating car on our planet. Well, this time around, blistering speed gives way to organic-inspired futurism – with German firm EDAG Engineering’s Light Cocoon Concept. Touted to be directly influenced by the framework of leaves and bat wings, the ‘piece de resistance’ of the automobile is its envisioned lightweight ambit. This is devised from a nature-inspired load bearing structure that is ‘broken up’ in certain areas – thus eschewing a rigid composite material. On the other hand, the facile design counterpoised by usage of sturdy materials in the crucial areas that require stiffness and safety.

In other words, the materials are only used where required – thus alluding to a lightweight scope in which a lot of the mass was aptly saved. The body is constructed over what seems to be a spiderweb-like framework with greater surface coverage. This 3D printed skeleton is draped in a special fabric known as Texapore Softshell O2+. Designed in collaboration with outdoor clothing company ‘Jack Wolfskin’, the triple-layered polyester jersey boasts of durability and damp-resistance, while accounting for just 19 grams of weight per square meter (which makes it four times lighter than even paper). These ‘feathery’ features are complemented by the fabric’s customizable nature that can potentially saved costs for repairs and re-paints.

Lastly, the futuristic vibe (albeit inspired by nature) of the Light Cocoon automobile is bolstered by the inner setup of LEDs. This lighting system intentionally illuminates the svelte nature of the skeleton. On the other hand, the users can alter the color of the so-called outer skin in accordance to their preference. Of course, considering all of such seemingly far-fetched attributes, suffice it to say – the Light Cocoon probably wouldn’t be making its commercial debut in the near future. However, the groovy conceptual design does prove that special fabrics might play their important structural part in vehicles of the future.

Light-Cocoon-Concept-EDAG-Engineering_1 Light-Cocoon-Concept-EDAG-Engineering_2 Light-Cocoon-Concept-EDAG-Engineering_3 Light-Cocoon-Concept-EDAG-Engineering_4 Light-Cocoon-Concept-EDAG-Engineering_5 Light-Cocoon-Concept-EDAG-Engineering_6 Light-Cocoon-Concept-EDAG-Engineering_7

Via: PopSci

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