Tesla Motors adds 2000th Supercharger to its worldwide network of EV charging stations

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California-based Tesla Motors has been a front-runner in the automotive and electric car industry since its inception in 2003. Pioneering in innovation and smart technology, the company has garnered widespread attention for the Tesla Roadster and the Model S, two luxury electric car models with impressive green credentials. True to its promise of establishing a worldwide network of free-to-use charging stations, Tesla has constructed nearly 2207 Supercharging points in countries across the globe.

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Deemed as the world’s fastest EV charger, these highly-specialized connectors takes only 30 minutes to charge up a Model S. Unlike regular charging stations that take hours to recharge an EV battery, the solar-powered Superchargers are capable of delivering nearly 100kW of power into the car’s battery. According to the company’s co-founder, Elon Musk, the superchargers will soon be able to supply 120kW; a figure which will likely add another 150 miles to the current range.

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Following its plan to establish a global network of easy-to-use charging points, the company has dramatically increased the number of Supercharger stations in the last few years. Today, there are as many as 401 charging sites with nearly 2207 individual Superchargers. Each station houses six or more Supercharging connectors. According to Tesla’s estimates, each of these chargers has saved up to 570,921 gallons of gas. This amounts to a total of $2.3 million in unconsumed fuel costs. So far, the Superchargers have supplied over 4.9 million kW of power, which has in turn provided more than 14.2 million miles. Speaking about the project, Musk said:

Superchargers are located at places you’ll actually want to stop, like roadside diners, cafes and shopping centers. So pull in, plug in and grab a bite to eat. Model S will be ready when you get back.

To know more about the Superchargers, head over to Tesla’s official website.

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