Elegant and enchanting: Noble–6’s minimalist video game posters tickle our fancy


Previously, we had seen Master Chief in an incredible Mayan art-inspired lithograph. Well, this time around, the Halo hero trades his Mesoamerican setting for a minimalist bluish hue – courtesy of Noble–6, an artist showcasing his works at DeviantART. Noble–6 also has gone on to make other video game-inspired posters (including that of Mario, Samus and Link) with the monochromatic color tones, and the end results pertain to both elegance and enchantment.

The good news is – in case you are interested, you can actually purchase some of the artist’s graphical artworks over at Redbubble. And moreover, Noble–6’s fascination with fantasy is not just limited to video games. You can also catch a glimpse of such surreal imagination in the realms of movies, as is evident from his DeviantART gallery.

Noble--6_Minimalist_Video_Game_Posters Noble--6_Minimalist_Video_Game_Posters_1 Noble--6_Minimalist_Video_Game_Posters_2 Noble--6_Minimalist_Video_Game_Posters_3 Noble--6_Minimalist_Video_Game_Posters_4

All Images Courtesy of Noble–6.

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