Adam Woodworth contrives a remote controlled ‘Speeder Bike’ quadcopter with a trooper on top.


Any Star Wars fan worth his salt would tell you – the Speeder Bike racing scene through the trees of Endor is one of the most exhilarating ones from the movie series. But what if we could replicate the moments in our very own backyard? Well, Adam Woodworth makes some part of that ‘Utopian scenario’ possible – courtesy of a remote controlled drone that look like the spurting vehicle (with a Scout Trooper atop it) from the science fiction universe.


Now in case, you are baffled by the realistic depiction of the Speeder Bike, it should tickle your fancy to know that the quadcopter was contrived after hacking an ole Hasbro speeder bike toy. Other modifications to the flying craft included the addition of relevant electronics and wiring for remote control support, along with installation of carbon fiber supports for the propeller-driven contraption.

However, the proverbial ‘cherry on the top’ surely pertains to the tiny camera hidden in helmet of the pilot, which offers striking first person footage from the zooming craft (see below). Considering all of these nifty attributes, we can surely hope Disney takes note of the groovy hack, and showcases their inspiration in toy collectibles from the upcoming Star Wars movie.


Via: Make

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