Seattle-based artist creates amazing street art, called rainworks, that appear only when it rains!

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Art is no longer restricted to galleries, museums and studios. It can be found deep under the ocean or right in the middle of a street. Strewn across Seattle, a city known for its periodic rainy weather, are hidden art that appear only when it’s raining. These creations, called “rainworks”, are part of street artist Peregrine Church’s efforts to make rains more fun and interactive. Crafted using special rain-activated paint, the artworks feature common children’s games such as hopscotch or short endearing messages like “I love rain” and “Proud to be rainy”.

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According to Church, some 25 to 30 “rainworks” can be found on various streets and sidewalks of Seattle. Once the patterns have been marked on the concrete surface using stencils, Church and his freinds, Xack Fischer and Forest Tressider, go about the task of coating the design with a super hydrophobic chemical. As expected, the water-repellent spray causes rain droplets to roll right off the surface.

The non-toxic and biodegradable coating lasts somewhere between 4 months and one year. On his website, Church identifies the product, that he has used for his artwork, as Always Dry Wood & Stone by Nanex. The spokesperson of the Belgium-based company said:

Always Dry nano-coating solvent can be used by parents or event coordinators for playing different games. With the help of it, they can hide various messages and artworks that can only be revealed through water. You can just create different messages on footpaths, trees or walls spraying Always Dry over them. Then, using water guns, your children, friends or colleagues will spray these parts and find out those messages that will lead them to the next clue.

To know more about Peregrine Church, visit his Twitter page.

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