At 1,250 feet, the 7132 Tower, in Vals, Switzerland, will be the tallest structure in Europe

Located in the district of Surselva in Switzerland is a picturesque village, called Vals, with a total population of only 1000. Blessed with boundless natural beauty, Vals is famous for its thermal springs. The popular tourist spot is also home to a high-end destination spa known as 7132. California-based firm, Morphosis Architects, has recently unveiled plans for a luxury hotel in Vals’ hotel-cum-spa complex. Towering over 381 meters, this slender mirrored skyscraper will likely be the tallest structure in all of Europe.

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The project is the third of its kind in the region, with the other two being Peter Zumthor’s award-winning Therme Vals Spa, and the Valser Path by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The latter is scheduled for completion by the year, 2017. At 1,250 feet, the new building is taller than the 1,004 feet-high London Bridge Tower, also known as the Shard. Featuring a shiny mirrored exterior and a perfectly-slim body, the 7132 skyscraper is unique for its minimalist, yet futuristic design. According to the architects, its reflective facade actually camouflages the structure amidst the scenic Alpine landscape. Speaking about the project, Morphosis director Thom Mayne said:

Specificity is really the central driver in our practice. Each design starts from unique conditions in site, program, performance… The architectural solution generated is correspondingly unique to each project. For the 7132 hotel and arrival, the incredible setting demands reducing materiality and presence in the design so that, as in all our work, the connection to site becomes paramount. As much as possible, the hotel is a minimalist act that reiterates the site and offers to the viewer a mirrored, refracted perspective of the landscape.

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Boasting a net area of 49,998-sq-m (538,196-sq-ft), the tower will house as many as 107 suites. Additionally, there will be a pool, a restaurant, a gym, a ballroom, a spa and even a sky bar. Keeping with the skyscraper’s skinny design, each floor will possess only one room. A podium will offer access to the surrounding buildings, while a cantilevered section, on the ground floor, will contain a restaurant, a spa, a cafe and a bar, open to the general public. Architect Tadao Ando said:

The transparent and slim ‘7132 Tower’ will create a completely new world of hospitality in Vals. I believe it will harmonize in the beautiful landscape and will attract and impress various guests and visitors from all over the world.

If approved, the project will be completed, at the latest, by 2019. To learn more about Morphosis Architects, visit the firm’s official website.

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Via: Arch Daily

Image Credits: Morphosis

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