Bernard Szukiel’s glorious Millennium Falcon replica is made out of just paper and glue

Bernard Szukiel_Paper-Made_Millennium_Falcon_Replica

No doubt, there is a recent flurry of Star Wars inspired RC contraptions, ranging from the Speeder Bike to the Star Destroyer. But this time around, a designer has gone ‘back to the basics’ – and the result is the gloriously paper-crafted Millennium Falcon model. Painstakingly made by Bernard Szukiel over a period of 4 years, the details are breathtaking to say the least, especially considering most of it comprises of paper. However, the 38-inch replica is also complemented by plastic bits and pieces (mainly for the windows), along with actual fiber optics and LEDs that can grandiosely lit up the internal components.

The really amazing part is (yes, there is more!) – the entire replica was built by only using references from online pictures. In other words, every nook and cranny along with the paraphernalia of vents and recesses were designed just from looking at images, not any solid model! Oh, and lest we forget – you can also take at gander at other geekilicious models, all showcased in the realm of the Starship Modeler website.

Bernard Szukiel_Paper-Made_Millennium_Falcon_Replica_1 Bernard Szukiel_Paper-Made_Millennium_Falcon_Replica_2 Bernard Szukiel_Paper-Made_Millennium_Falcon_Replica_3 Bernard Szukiel_Paper-Made_Millennium_Falcon_Replica_4 Bernard Szukiel_Paper-Made_Millennium_Falcon_Replica_5 Bernard Szukiel_Paper-Made_Millennium_Falcon_Replica_6 Bernard Szukiel_Paper-Made_Millennium_Falcon_Replica_7 Bernard Szukiel_Paper-Made_Millennium_Falcon_Replica_8 Bernard Szukiel_Paper-Made_Millennium_Falcon_Replica_9 Bernard Szukiel_Paper-Made_Millennium_Falcon_Replica_10 Bernard Szukiel_Paper-Made_Millennium_Falcon_Replica_11

Via: Dorkly

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