Lotus Belle Outback Deluxe Tent brings forth luxury and durability in your camping trips


Back in February, we talked about the Dome Up, a grandiosely design treehouse/tent tailored to both backyards and camping trips. Well, this time around grand scale makes way for sheer luxury – courtesy of the Outback Deluxe from Australian makers Lotus Belle. The almost 17-ft diameter tent is crafted from a durable canvas material comprising of a cotton and polyester blend. This ‘composite’ fabric is also envisaged to be breathable, while being accompanied on the ventilation level by mesh screens (replacing PVCs), strategic airflow vents along the roof, and a second door.

Now of course, this scope of ventilation doesn’t clash with the ambit of security and general toughness. To that end, the canvas makes sure of wind resistance, while detachable velcro flaps hold on to the slightly elevated groundsheet for keeping out the insects. Further, the Outback Deluxe tent boasts of transparent window panels that allow the much needed visual connection with the outdoors (a factor that can be crucial during camping or ‘glamping’ trips). As Lotus Belle co-founder, Jessica Haden Walsh said (to Gizmag) –

The Deluxe has an extra door at the back, whereas with the Outback it only has a mesh panel at the back. Some people want the back wall solid so they can place furniture or a bed at the back, others love the extra door option. With the extra door not only is it more breathable but its great for adding an extension on the back, for example a kitchenette. It’s also popular for festival or farmers market traders who can use the rear door to store things out back.

This scope of flexibility goes beyond camping and farming festivals, to account for a number of other user-specific spaces, like – a portable guest room (or retreat) in your backyard, an office or home extension, and even a yoga studio. The various modes of usage are also complemented by the ease of installation – that takes only around 45 minutes for basically a mobile yet luxurious habitat.

Given these flurry of features, the Outback Deluxe tent will set you back by around $2,300. Unfortunately, this particular model is sold out, with the next window of availability expected to start from June of this year.

Lotus_Belle_Outback_Deluxe_Tent Lotus_Belle_Outback_Deluxe_Tent_3 Lotus_Belle_Outback_Deluxe_Tent_5 Lotus_Belle_Outback_Deluxe_Tent_2 Lotus_Belle_Outback_Deluxe_Tent_7 Lotus_Belle_Outback_Deluxe_Tent_4

Via: Gizmag

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