Mike Basich’s tiny 228 sq ft house is totally off-grid, and built in a 40 acre site

Mike Basich_Tiny_House_Area_241

Tiny homes are quite the rage in the low impact side of the architectural realm. But snowboarder Mike Basich surely pushed the celebrity side of affairs for such type of architecture, with his nigh unbelievable 228 sq self-sustaining home near Truckee, California. The interesting part is – this totally off-grid house was built on an expansive site of 40 acres, with the huge compound being affectionately called ‘Area 241’. And, while you would think ‘that is surely a small house for a large area’, the rabbit hole goes further down with the tiny habitat eschewing any form of proper bedroom. Instead the house boasts of a loft, while being entirely powered by a single solar panel.

By powered, we do mean the electric side of the scheme. Additionally, there is also wood-fired stove that also works as an oven for the other daily activities. And, if you thought all these alluded to wilderness, well the 228 sq ft habitat is at least 3 miles from any serviceable road. This means transportation to the retreat is only possible via vehicle tailored to snow – like snowmobiles. But this doesn’t mean Area 241 is devoid of any ‘indulgent’ amenity. The diminutive habitat does flaunt its private 600 ft high ski lift in its backyard. This is also complemented by an outdoor wood-fired hot tub – for the relaxing sessions after those exhilarating skiing runs down the slopes.

You can catch all of the action in the video tour that also introduces Basich himself –

Mike Basich_Tiny_House_Area_241_2 Mike Basich_Tiny_House_Area_241_3 Mike Basich_Tiny_House_Area_241_1

Via: Curbed

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