Pac-Man can now be played on any Google Map ‘under the sun’!

Pac-Man_Google Maps_1

Pac-Man is back, and better than ever! Why? Because now he can get down to his power pellets and (then) ghost-munching duties in the real streets of the world – courtesy of Google Maps. All you have to do is go to Google Maps, find an area or neighborhood preferably with many streets and intersections (see after the jump), and then click on the icon at the bottom-left corner (beside the Google Earth one). And voila!

Pac-Man_Google Maps

Pac-Man_Google Maps_2

Interestingly, this was supposedly done in honor of April Fool’s day – but the end result was not as one would expect from those obnoxious ‘pranks’. Rather the coding that has gone into this thing is quite impressive, with Pac-Man making his real-world inspired run across the globe – ranging from your familiar locality to the exotic avenues of foreign countries. It other words, it’s NO joke!

Via: Kotaku

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