R2D2 takes up its badass avatar – courtesy of Katuhisa Yamaguchi

R2D2_Kicks_Butt-Katuhisa Yamaguchi

What if you could take the ‘side’ out of ‘sidekick’ and replace it with ‘butt’? Well, that is exactly what sculptor (and presumably Star Wars enthusiast) Katuhisa Yamaguchi has literally brought to the table, with his boisterous rendition of R2D2. Instead of merely acting as the adorable sidekick with some nifty tricks up its…processor, the ‘new’ R2D2 supposedly has the brutish strength of He-Man and the ninja flair of Raiden (from Metal Gear Solid universe). And what does our favorite droid do with its new found powers? Well of course, save his buddy C3PO from the ‘accurate’ shots of those dastardly stormtroopers.

R2D2_Kicks_Butt-Katuhisa Yamaguchi_2 R2D2_Kicks_Butt-Katuhisa Yamaguchi_3 R2D2_Kicks_Butt-Katuhisa Yamaguchi_4 R2D2_Kicks_Butt-Katuhisa Yamaguchi_5 R2D2_Kicks_Butt-Katuhisa Yamaguchi_6 R2D2_Kicks_Butt-Katuhisa Yamaguchi_1 R2D2_Kicks_Butt-Katuhisa Yamaguchi_7 R2D2_Kicks_Butt-Katuhisa Yamaguchi_8

You can also check out Yamaguchi’s other groovy creations in his Twitter feed.

Via: LostAtEMinor

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