What’s better than just a pen? A military grade pen with the flair factor.


It is not often that we talk about military grade and pen in the same sentence. However, the above pictured Patriot Pen does make this impressive combination possible – courtesy of its actual high-quality military grade 6063 aluminum composition. Designed by the resourceful folk over at Dimond Point, the contrivance does exhibit the finesse of Swiss craftsmanship that is complemented by the ruggedness of Americana. The end result is a stylized pen with boisterousness aplomb – bringing flair back to the lost art of writing.

To that end, the Patriot Pen starts off with its ‘muzzle brake’ inspired tip, thus harking back to military firearms. This is accompanied by two types of grip finishes – the smooth finish for those feathery long writing sessions and the knurled finish for that extra grasp. Interestingly, the designers have even paid attention to both the pen’s pocket clip that is crafted from powder coated spring steel, along with its cap that can snugly cover the tip by virtue of multi-lead threads.


But the ‘piece de resistance’ of the Patriot Pen would surely pertain to its military grade aluminum machined bearing that showcases an anodized black tint, while boasting of Type III hardness that provides high abrasion resistance. In other words, the contrivance does account for a rare type of robustness that is seldom seen in the realm of pens – thus making it a design fit for military.

This combination of style and sturdiness is finally given a dash of personality – with the allowance of customized laser etching on the pen. Users can choose whichever side they want, and the personalized etching will cover up to three words (with the ‘coolest’ font that would suit the pen). And, in case you are interested, all of these advantages are available through the Patriot Pen’s Kickstarter page – which has already crossed its goal of $8,000 (as of writing).

Patriot_Pen_Military_Grade_Aluminum_2 Patriot_Pen_Military_Grade_Aluminum_4 Patriot_Pen_Military_Grade_Aluminum_3

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