Behold the handcrafted LEGO Computer case mod by Mike Schropp

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There are LEGO creations and there are LEGO ‘creations‘. Oddly enough, the above pictured handmade LEGO Computer case mod by Mike Schropp doesn’t actually fall into any of these ‘built’ categories – given the creation is not only about the LEGO bricks. It is more about how niche technology and glorious geekiness can be both supported by versatility of the LEGO bricks. The end result is a high performance, custom-made PC that screams ingenuity with its hip design flair that mimics a 2×2 black.

LEGO Computer case mod_Mike Schropp_1

Of course, it goes without saying – the ingenious part of the handmade process was to induct the actual computer components and their paraphernalia inside a case made out of (at worst) a child’s toy. However, Schropp could already claim expertise in dealing with this scenario, since he had previous experience in building LEGO-based systems, ranging from smaller home PCs to imposing multi-system farms (take a gander at this baby). So, in other words, he was successfully able to incorporate one of Intel’s latest microprocessors (the choice being between Intel i3-4160 Dual Core, Intel Core i5-4590 Quad Core or Intel Core i7-4790 Quad Core processors), along with 8GB of RAM (or 16 GB), a blistering 120GB Intel SSD and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. – all inside the glassy black-hued plastic shell.

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Unfortunately, the graphical side of affairs takes a step back with the integration of a ‘paltry’ HD4600. But the contraption more than makes up for it with its small case size that is limited to just 7.5 sq inches in length x width, along with 6.5 inches of height (thus accounting for a total volume of around 366 cubic inches). The cooling angle is also taken care of – with the two lower grooves that are actually exhaust vents, four air-inlets on top of the case, and a substantially large 140mm Noctua case fan and heatpipe CPU cooler. The resultant bantam piece of machinery can take care of your 4K craving if you are all up for a spatially efficient (and effectively cooled) home theater.

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Lastly, as for the visual scheme of things, the LEGO Computer case mod blings its way to glory with the upper-most groove that doubles as a customizable LED lighting strip. Users can also choose between three variant ‘tops’, with one exhibiting the traditional LEGO ‘studs’, one boasting of adjustable louvers and the other flaunting its Minecraft-esque design. Furthermore, there are three models with different hardware availabe for retail – with the Intel i3-4160 Dual Core costing $999; the Intel Core i5-4590 Quad Core costing $1,049; and the highest Intel Core i7-4790 Quad Core costing $1,199. For more purchasing details, go over to this Total Geekdom page.

LEGO Computer case mod_Mike Schropp_4 LEGO Computer case mod_Mike Schropp

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