The Shebeen: An Irish pub on-wheels with the quaint factor


We are back once again to the realm of tiny houses. But this time around, the innovation in architecture pertains to a bantam bar instead of a diminutive habitat – courtesy of ‘The Shebeen’. Envisaged as a tiny pub on wheels, the mobile contrivance travels all around the picturesque Ireland to make sure of the ‘good times’ in the emerald isle. And interestingly enough, the entire 14 x 7 ft (98 sq ft) structure of The Shebeen was ingeniously refurbished from a body of a 30-year-old caravan. This scope construction and redesign does come with all the bell-and-whistles expected from an Irish pub, including whimsical memorabilia (including a High Nelly bicycle) and the ‘dilapidated’ retro timber finishes.

The refurbishment project took around 60 days to achieve with around a cost of €20,000 (or $21,700). This overall endeavor accounted for a substantially well equipped bar that has a seating capacity for ten people, a cooler and electric stove, a full-fledged sound system and the ‘piece de resistance’ of LED lighting. All of these amenities can set up within an hour, with even a back-up generator available if any particular location has no connection to the main grid. In essence, The Shebeen is all about portability and mirthfulness – both being complemented by the snug and warm Irish-inspired interior.

Finally, coming to the commercial side of the affair, you can hire The Shebeen for a day for a sum of €750 (around $815). Furthermore, you can also own your preferred version of a portable pub – if you can gladly pay a sizable sum of €29,950 (around $32,555) to the Shebeen designers.

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Source: The Shebeen / Via: Curbed

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