Vittori Lab’s AirTrain features greenery-filled compartments and NASA-patented air purification technology

AirTrain By Vittori Lab-1

While the government continues to emphasize the role of public transport in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, there are still many who question the environmental benefits of taking a bus or a train. According to a study, published a few years back in the Environmental Science & Technology journal, passenger vehicles cause four to five times less air pollution and global warming than personal cars. In an attempt to make trains greener and more eco-friendly, Vittori Lab, in collaboration with a bunch of other designers, has developed what is being called the AirTrain.

With the help of an incredibly futuristic NASA-patented technology, the designers have devised a technique by which the air, inside the train, can be easily purified. The AirTrain provides fresh, breathable air by removing the excess carbon dioxide, produced by the passengers. The technology makes use of certain plants that are capable of absorbing large amounts of CO2, while at the same time releasing oxygen.

The greenery is housed inside specially-designed compartments, that run along the entire length of the train. Transparent windows, lining both sides of the train, provide ample supply of sunlight. Furthermore, a highly-intuitive rainwater harvesting system accurately measures the hydration level of the plants. In addition to its incredible eco-friendly credentials, the technology also strives to beautify both the train’s interior and exterior.

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AirTrain By Vittori Lab-1

Via: Inhabitat

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