Black Pearl: A rambunctious Steampunk motorcycle with an actual steam engine


There are motorcycles, and there are ‘motorcycles‘. The above pictured contraption surely belongs to the boisterous second category, and it was built by Revatu Customs. Christened as the Black Pearl, the motorcycle flaunts its fully functioning steam engine, with the rear wheel driven by a big crankshaft mechanism. In essence, the robust bike is not only inspired by the visual scope of a hefty locomotive (as is evident from the shapes and finishes), but also replicates an antediluvian train’s retro power-train.

The end result is an imposing contrivance that showcases a literal side to the scope of being Steampunk. However, the speed doesn’t really cope with the blustering size and flair, as the Black Pearl is only able to achieve a top velocity of 5 mph (around 8 km/hr).

Black_Pearl_Revatu_Customs_Steam_Engine_1 Black_Pearl_Revatu_Customs_Steam_Engine_2 Black_Pearl_Revatu_Customs_Steam_Engine_3 Black_Pearl_Revatu_Customs_Steam_Engine_4 Black_Pearl_Revatu_Customs_Steam_Engine_5

Via: The Awesomer

Top Image Credit: Marc Quinlivan

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