A house or a submarine? Floating Seahorse offers the advantages of both.


Last year, we talked about the advanced H2OME that merged luxuriousness and underwater habitation in a single scope. Well, Floating Seahorse developed by the Kleindienst Group, is pretty similar to this ritzy underwater-living ambit, albeit with a single difference. The floating structure also has upper floors that remain above the level of water – thus boasting of incredible views of the marine world from both over and under. The end result certainly alludes to a unconventional spatial distribution that implies the proverbial ‘best of both worlds’.

In terms of location, the Floating Seahorse ‘boats’ are expected to be moored offshore at a small distance away from the main Dubai coast. There will be a total of 42 of these floating habitats, each boasting of a substantial 1,700 sq ft of floor area and three levels (with two levels being above the water). And when it comes to the interior zones, the marine-based house boat will have variant circulation spaces in accordance with these three levels. To that end, the upper level will have a semi-private kitchenette, mini-bar along with the complementary Jacuzzi with the ostentatious glass floor.


The central level on the other hand, will boast of an expansive living space, surrounded by a conventional kitchen and dining area. And finally, the ‘piece de resistance’ of the Floating Seahorse will pertain to its private lower-most level below the sea – which would consist of the master bedroom and toilet. Suffice it to say, all of the floors have ceiling-high window frontages that offer breathtaking views of the marine surrounding – be it over or under the Persian Gulf.

Lastly coming to the commercial side of affairs, the Floating Seahorse will be constructed in the latter part of this year (in dry-docks), while they will make their offshore locational debut by the first half of 2016. For more details, you can check out their online brochure.

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Via: Gizmag

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