Behold the sliding ‘socialist’ apartment that provides 360 degrees views for tenants!

Turn to the Future Apartment_Rotating 360 Degrees Views

Whether we admit it or not, most apartments do have a puerile kind of class stratification that divides up tenants into the ones with ‘exclusive’ views and the others. But what if there was a building design that provides 360 degrees views for all the residents? Well, that would of course require the building to physically morph! And that is exactly what industrial designer Shin Kuo has conceptualized in the form of the aptly named ‘Turn to the Future’, a futuristic building with rotating components that would provide every tenant inside (independent of his location) an all-round view of the surrounding.

According to an excerpt from Kuo’s writing in the A’ Design Award website, there is a socialist vibe to the revolutionary concept –

According to my research, urbanization has become a big trend in the world. Because of that, buildings will become higher and higher, and more and more people who live in the lower floors of buildings will get their view blocked. Based on the results from both the Asian and the American market research, there is a [difference] in sales or rental prices between the lower floor units and higher floor units in the same building. In the future, all the top floors of buildings will be owned by people with very high incomes and the middle to lower income people will only have a limited view from their living spaces.

The high income people find it hard to buy the top floor of living spaces in buildings because there are a limited amount of these units in the most major cities. I think every person should have a chance to share an equal view of their city and landscape from their living spaces. I designed a rotation system by using existing technology that allows each unit to move on a spiral track in predetermined time. Because of the design, each resident who lives in the building can share an equal view from their building and enjoy the high quality of their living spaces.

Turn to the Future Apartment_Rotating 360 Degrees Views_2

But beyond just the dictum, there is an innovative technical side to this progressive notion. And to that end, the ‘Turn to the Future’ building will feature rotating units that slide into variant positions at pre-determined times for provision of 360 degrees views (via angular elevation). These apartment dwellings are envisioned to slide on a spiral rail that encapsulates a central supportive pillar. As for practicality, the gas and electric lines would detach with the unit, and then realign themselves along the new ports on the different location. The modular ambit will also feature safety mechanisms like automatically locking doors when the sliding and rotation occurs.

The thrill of residing inside a self-rotating structure will be taken to the next level, when the lower-most apartment is vigorously pushed to the highest ‘penthouse’ level with the help of a specialized crane. And lastly, the scope of exhilaration will be complemented by sustainable features that would include solar panels and even regenerative braking systems.

Turn to the Future Apartment_Rotating 360 Degrees Views_3 Turn to the Future Apartment_Rotating 360 Degrees Views_1

Via: CityLab

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