The magnificent China pavilion for Milan Expo 2015 harks back to traditional systems

We have been witness to futuristic pavilions before, but the above pictured proposal from China’s Tsinghua University (in collaboration with New York-based Studio Link-Arc) takes the cake when it comes to rustic-inspired designs. Wait, did we say rustic? Well, the so-named ‘The Land of Hope’ symbolizes the fields of wheat with its evocative ‘landscape’ accentuated by LED multimedia – and this aptly alludes to both the agrarian past of China and the sustainable agricultural practices that country looks forth to in the future. As for the more tangible side of affairs, the pavilion is originally envisaged for Milan Expo 2015, and at an expansive area of 5,000 sq m (53,800 sq ft), it will be the second largest installation after Germany’s.

The fascinating factor about this design is how the architects have managed to uphold the bucolic side of affairs via modernistic components. For example, the building in itself is envisioned to be constructed from timber, and thus it would allude to the ‘raised-beam’ structural systems found in traditional Chinese architecture. But the elongated spans needed for the expansive public roofing will ultimately be crafted by using modern technology. The shingled panels of the roof also hark back to the vernacular terracotta roof construction, while doubling up as an extensive shading system for the public audience below.

Such incredible structural sections will be complemented by Chinese-influenced spatial elements and interactive setups on the inside. To that end, one of the planned programs pertain to a plethora of exhibitions spaces that will showcase cultural themes and offerings from the forty provinces of China. The users will also be offered a special multimedia area that will show a short film on the famed Spring Festival. And, that will be followed up by their ascension into an elevated platform (above the roof) that will boast of panoramic views of the Milan expo around the pavilion.

China Pavilion_Milan Expo 2015_5 China Pavilion_Milan Expo 2015_2 China Pavilion_Milan Expo 2015_1 China Pavilion_Milan Expo 2015_3 China Pavilion_Milan Expo 2015_4

Source / Images Credit: Link-Arc

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