The Labyrinth Table by Benjamin Nordsmark, features an intricate maze of walls and partitions

Labyrinth Table by Benjamin Nordsmark-1

Here at HEXAPOLIS, we applaud daring of all kinds, be it in design, architecture or even in the complex world of science. For instance, who said that a table should always have a flat, even surface? Previously, we talked about ‘Transform’, an MIT-developed interactive tabletop with impressive shape-shifting capabilities. Refusing to conform to prevailing design trends, Danish artist, Benjamin Nordsmark, has created a stunning coffee table, that features an intricate maze of walls and partitions.

Aptly called the Labyrinth Table, the wooden desk contains a diamont glass surface, underneath which lies a labyrinthine network of shapes and forms. A furniture and cabinet maker by profession, Nordsmark has an MFA degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. His craftsmanship lies in using new and upcoming design approaches to create products that are unrivaled in creativity and innovation.

The main framework, of the Labyrinth Table, is built using steel. This enhances the strength and durability of the product. Subsequently, it is covered with 5 mm-wide maple wood planks. Six metal figurines are placed inside the labyrinth, that can be in turn moved around with the help of magnetic handles, provided underneath the table.

The Labyrinth Table is the winner of the Silver A’ Design Award 2015.

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Labyrinth Table by Benjamin Nordsmark-2

Labyrinth Table by Benjamin Nordsmark-5

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Labyrinth Table by Benjamin Nordsmark-1

Source: Benjamin Nordsmark

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