Adorable animals need you! Star Wars cosplayers make a ‘forceful’ case

The Star Wars day was made even more special by members of the 501st Legion: Capital City Garrison, a dedicated Canadian costuming group who are known for their volunteering in local charity events. And this time around, the ‘Stormtroopers’ have shed their harsh reputation in favor of genuine affability – with their adorable one-on-one pictures with shelter animals. Ranging from hamsters, dogs to rabbits and cats, the troopers have genially showcased many of the critters to promote the Ottawa Humane Society. And these strkingly benevolent poses were then captured in a series of photographs by Rohit Saxena, who then shared them online for many of the netizens to admire.

Star_Wars_Cosplayers_Promote_Animal_Adoption_1 Star_Wars_Cosplayers_Promote_Animal_Adoption_2 Star_Wars_Cosplayers_Promote_Animal_Adoption_3 Star_Wars_Cosplayers_Promote_Animal_Adoption_4 Star_Wars_Cosplayers_Promote_Animal_Adoption_5 Star_Wars_Cosplayers_Promote_Animal_Adoption_6 Star_Wars_Cosplayers_Promote_Animal_Adoption_7 Star_Wars_Cosplayers_Promote_Animal_Adoption_8 Star_Wars_Cosplayers_Promote_Animal_Adoption_9 Star_Wars_Cosplayers_Promote_Animal_Adoption_10 Star_Wars_Cosplayers_Promote_Animal_Adoption_11

Source: Rohit Saxena’s Flickr  / Ottawa Humane Society Website

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