Freedom Cove : An ingeniously-designed self-sustainable floating home in British Columbia, Canada

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Meet Wayne Adams and Catherine King, the owners of one of the world’s greenest homes. Since 1992, the couple has been been living in an ingeniously-designed self-sustainable, off-grid and off-land floating house, situated in Cypress Bay, British Columbia. Made up of 12 adjoining platforms, the structure, known as Freedom Cove, promotes eco-friendly living, based on a sort of symbiotic relationship with nature.

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An architectural marvel, in terms of design and innovation, the offshore dwelling features a lighthouse tower, an art gallery, a dance floor, five greenhouses and, a studio containing the family’s living quarters. Until recently, the entire structure was powered by means of 14 photovoltaic panels. However, when the panels started malfunctioning, King and Adams had to resort to a 3000-Watt Honda generator. Currently, it provides enough electricity to keep the lights on for a total of 12 hours per day. Speaking about their somewhat unusual lifestyle, 66-year-old Adams said:

We have both done so many things in our lives and we’ve had hard times, so we were well prepared for how different the lifestyle would be out here. It fits us.

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Championing the cause of sustainable living, the family, including the husband-and-wife duo and their two children, actually eats whatever King grows in her small garden. Furthermore, seafood, caught fresh from the surrounding ocean, forms a major part of their diet. Rainwater and a neighboring waterfall provide clean drinking water. The counstruction of the house began during the summer of 1991, and was completed by February next year. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Adams said:

One winter, a storm blew a whole bunch of trees down. We gathered all the wood up, took it to the fellow who owned it, but he said keep it. So we thought, time to start on the home… This whole home is for the kids in our family to come and see what you can’t learn in school anymore. When I was young, this is what you learned in school: skills. To share this with the community and young minds, that is the teaching here on the west coast.

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Adams is a sculptor, while King spends her time painting, dancing and writing. Painted in bright turquoise and magenta colors, the floating house represents the creativity and artistry of its owners. From June to September, every year, the couple also offers Freedom Cove boat tours to interested visitors. King, 59, said:

Living in the wilderness is constant inspiration. It’s so incredible to wake up every morning and see all of this… This is how I will live for the rest of my life.


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Via: Huffington Post 

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