Spanish officials baffled by a child hidden inside a suitcase – revealed by X-ray

Source: AFP/Spanish Guardia Civil

Drugs busted from under luggage at airports is quite a common phenomenon when it comes to such crimes. But this time around, Spanish officials were seriously taken aback when they found an 8-year old boy being smuggled into the country hidden inside a suitcase. On preliminary investigation, it was found that the child’s father himself paid for this arrangement – so that he could re-unite with his son in the Canary Islands. As for the ‘transporter’, it was a 19-year old woman who was commissioned to inconspicuously carry the child in her luggage. However, the bizarrely ineffective plan was fortunately foiled when the boy’s crouching outline was revealed in a routine X-ray scanning procedure for baggage.

The odd incident happened at Ceuta, a Spanish autonomous city located on the coastal tip bordering Morocco. This North African territory along with Melilla, another Morocco-bordering Spanish zone, is known to be the entry points for thousands of illegal immigrants who try to make their way into Europe in search of better lives. As for the nationality of the father, he is believed to be from Ivory Coast, thus also marking the child in question from the same country.

However, quite fortuitously, the child was found to be in a safe albeit ‘terrible’ condition – as described by the Spanish Civil Guard. The immediate repercussion led to the arrest of the woman (who was to be presented before a judge), while the father was arrested a few hours later. And finally, as for the child, he was presently taken care of under the umbrella of the Office of Children.

Via: ABC / El Mundo

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