“East-West/West-East”: Monolithic sculptures made of rolled steels in Qatar

Imposing and unexpected – this in a nutshell defines the series of sculptures the rise up in an ethereal manner from the arid desert landscape of Qatar. An intriguing project undertaken by Richard Serra, the collection of these four monoliths is christened as “East-West/West-East”, and their seemingly odd location was apparently based on the notion concocted by former Qatar emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani. In case you are wondering, all of the rectangular structures are made of rolled steel, and they are positioned exactly at right angles with the barren ground level. This orientation allows variant elevation profiles from the viewer’s perspective, with the ‘broad’ sides accounting for striking silhouettes in the middle of the desert, while their thinner edges allude to fascinating slender projections.

East-West_West-East_Steel_Sculptures_Qatar_Richard_Serra_3 East-West_West-East_Steel_Sculptures_Qatar_Richard_Serra_5 East-West_West-East_Steel_Sculptures_Qatar_Richard_Serra_7 East-West_West-East_Steel_Sculptures_Qatar_Richard_Serra_1 East-West_West-East_Steel_Sculptures_Qatar_Richard_Serra_4 East-West_West-East_Steel_Sculptures_Qatar_Richard_Serra_2

Via: ArchDaily / Images Credit: Nelson Garrido

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