Jesper Frausig designs 100-percent solar-powered electric bicycle, known as the Solar Bike

Solar Bike by Jesper Frausig-5

When it comes to eco-friendly transportation, nothing trumps the humble bike. And thanks to Denmark-based engineer, Jesper Frausig, we now have an electric bike that runs entirely on renewable solar power. Aptly called the Solar Bike, the contraption is conceived as a greener and more sustainable alternative to the conventional bike.

Designed to function like a regular bicycle, the Co2-friendly Solar Bike features specially-engineered wheels, that are in turn fitted with highly efficient photovoltaic cells. These on-wheel solar panels actually collect and transmit the energy directly to the battery, when the bike is stationary. While in motion, the stored power is used to run the motor. The bicycle offers speeds ranging from 25 km/hour up to a maximum of 50 km/hour.

Unlike traditional varieties, the Solar Bike is incredibly conveient and cost-free, because of its reliance on solar power. Upon full charging, the battery can provide sufficient energy to traverse a total distance of 70 km. However in practical terms, the shadow-optimized solar cells can power the bike for anywhere between 2 km and 25 km per day, depending upon the net sunshine hours available.

Information regarding the bicycle’s pricing and availability have not yet been revealed. To know more about the Solar bike, click here.

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