The LEGO Millennium Falcon made from 10,000 bricks, baffles us with its intricacy

We have prattled about Millennium Falcon being made from just paper and glue; we have harped about guitars shaped like Millennium Falcons; and we have even talked about rugs shaped like the Millennium Falcon. But this time around, it is plastic’s occasion to shine – and it does so gloriously with the ultra detailed cross-section of LEGO Millennium Falcon made from 10,000 LEGO bricks. Painstakingly crafted by a dedicated team over at Titan Creations, the incredible replica measures 3’7” by 3’3”, while boasting of its built-in set of 24 internal lights. And, on closer inspection, one can make out the complex array of pipes, ducts, wires and engines – all of which would ‘fuel’ the aerial vehicle to zoom across a galaxy far, far away. And, in case you are wondering, it took the entire team two months to furnish the impressive Star Wars-inspired end result.

LEGO_Millennium_Falcon_Titan_Creations_2 LEGO_Millennium_Falcon_Titan_Creations_3 LEGO_Millennium_Falcon_Titan_Creations_4 LEGO_Millennium_Falcon_Titan_Creations_5 LEGO_Millennium_Falcon_Titan_Creations_6 LEGO_Millennium_Falcon_Titan_Creations_7

Source / Images: TitansCreations  

Via: ComicBook

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