The asymmetric Valley House combines geometry and gorgeous views


Asymmetric yet geometric, bucolic yet modernist – the Valley House from architecture firm Plan Bureau is set amid the paradisiacal setting overlooking Italy’s Dolomite Mountains. Supposedly inspired by the topography of this gorgeous mountain terrain, the right angles of the seemingly irregular facades sort of bring the ‘Cubist’ quotient into the nature-influenced design. The end result is a 1,259 sq ft residence with two uniquely diamond-shaped volumes projecting from a right-angled triangle base.

While this ‘top-heavy’ structural bearing might seem fragmentary, the interior zoning of the Valley House conforms to effective residential conventions. To that end, the immediately accessible areas in the ground floor are communal, with a split level dividing up the kitchen and dining/living area. On the other hand, the upper floor rooms are designed to suit the privacy of the inhabitants, thus consisting of two bedrooms and a shared bathroom – all benefiting from the advantages of natural lighting (through the large glass windows).

Now, beyond just the visual bearing and internal zoning, the architects have also paid attention to the pattern of user circulation. In that regard, the ground floor layout is envisioned as an open plan – which endows the much needed ‘illusion’ of spaciousness in spite of the limited floor area. And, in case you are wondering, the main entrance to the Valley House is via a flight of stairs that leads to slightly elevated floor level (when measured from the actual ground level of the site).

Valley_House_Plan_Bureau_diamond_2 Valley_House_Plan_Bureau_diamond_3 Valley_House_Plan_Bureau_diamond_4 Valley_House_Plan_Bureau_diamond_5 Valley_House_Plan_Bureau_diamond_6 Valley_House_Plan_Bureau_diamond_7 Valley_House_Plan_Bureau_diamond_8

Via: MyModernMet

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