Man at Arms: Reforged designs fully-retractable replica of Predator Wrist Blades

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For those who are not aware, Man at Arms is an enterprising group of blacksmiths and forgers, whose job is to recreate weapons, often from video games, movies, TV series and other avenues of popular culture, upon fans’ requests. Originally started as a YouTube show aired by the AWEme channel, back in 2012, the franchise has since been expanded to include Man at Arms: Reforged. Launched last July, the latest installment features world-renowned craftsmen, such as Sam Salvati, Kerry Stagmer, John Mitchell, Lauren Schott, Matthew Stagmer and others. Recently, the team has successfully reforged a pair of fully-retractable wrist blades from the Predator science fiction series.

Also known as Gauntlet Knives, these serrated blades are the preferred weapon for most of the Predators. Measuring around 6 to 18 inches in length, and between 2 and 8 inches in width, the blades are sharp enough to lacerate bones. Intended for use against unarmed enemies, they can also be fired, at the target, as a porjectile launched from theirguantlet. So when the team received a request to repair two such broken wrist blades, the innovators at Man at Arms could not but restore the badass weapon to its original formidable glory.

In their latest video, the developers provide a detailed description of the repairing process, which involved a substantial amount of cutting, hammering and welding. After being forged, shaped and sculpted, the two wrist blades went through a thorough cleaning and polishing process. In order to make the knives retractable, the designers had to devise a proper launching mechanism, which was then integrated into the setup. Following that, the individual parts were assembled, to form what is likely a breathtaking, and perhaps deadly, piece of sci-fi weaponry.

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Image Credits: Comicvine

Via: SlashGear / DEFY Media

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