A comfortable night in a sewage now made possible by the Das Park Hotels

The unenviable notion of living in a sewage pipe gets a interesting makeover with the so called Das Park Hotel. The ingeniously conceived brainchild of Austrian architect Andreas Strauss, these tiny habitats are refurbished from sectional portions of actual sewage pipes. The results pertain to bantam enclosed pod-like zones furnished with a comfortable bed double bed, storage space, lamp, power outlet (for charging your mobile devices) and blankets. And in case you are interested, all of these ‘sewage pods’ are daintily kept inside a public park property, in the Austrian city of Ottensheim.

The good news for those who actually want to try out these habitats, is – Das Park Hotels are not only depended on visual gimmicks. In other words, they are actually designed to serve as cheap accommodation alternatives for the shoestring budgeted traveler. So guests who want to spend their time, should head over to the home website, and from there they can make their bookings and get the unlocking codes for the doors. And the best part is – given their sewage-oriented credentials, the hotels will charge you through a ‘pay as you wish’ system.

Lastly, there is always the comfort side of affairs. In that regard, the thick insulative cement layer of the Das Park Hotels will surely keep the interiors snug and cool from the morning sun. Furthermore, the users can also easily access the other amenities in the vicinity of the park, including toilets, showers, cafes and even a mini-bar.

Das_Park_Hotel_sewage_Austria_2 Das_Park_Hotel_sewage_Austria_5


Das_Park_Hotel_sewage_Austria_4 Das_Park_Hotel_sewage_Austria_6

Via: LostAtEMinor / Images Credit: Andreas Strauss

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