How much ‘real’ distance did Frodo and Sam travel during their epic ring-destroying quest?

Well, the short answer is 1350 miles or around 2173 km. But figures alone don’t count for much if not explained in relative to distances we might be familiar with. Well, to that end, Frodo’s journey started from the idyllic town of Hobbiton in Shire and ended in the horrendous location of Mount Doom in Mordor. When compared to real life geographical points, that enormous quest-fueling path is equal to the distance from London, England, to Nis, Serbia – or across seven countries in continental Europe. And, for those who are not too keen on European analogies, the distance is as long as a walk from Los Angeles, CA, to Austin, Texas.


Of course, those who know their Tolkien stuff will immediately point out that the distance covered from the Elvish settlement of Lorien to Amon Hen was not actual by walking, but rather traversed on boats via the ‘Great River’ of Anduin. In any case, you can take a gander at Imgur user mattsawizard’s actual breakdown of the epic journey that ultimately led to the gauging of the entire path from Hobbiton to Mount Doom.


Via: io9

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