Forget the hammock! Kodama Zome, the world’s first hanging zome, is here for your outdoor siesta

Kodama Zome by Richie Duncan-1

If you love the outdoors, and prefer a lazy evening in the hammock over a not-so-cozy afternoon inside your cramped house, the Kodama Zome is just the thing for you. Designed by engineer Richie Duncan, the incredibly innovative Kodama Zome is the first ever hanging zome. An innovative fusion of different geometrical shapes and patterns, the structure provides a private space for you to relax and enjoy nature.

“Zome” is a mathematical term, coined in the 1960s by Steve Durkee. It is actually a combination of the two words, dome and zonohedra. The concept, referring to the shape of a zonohedron, is taken from the geodesic domes, introduced by American architect R. Buckminster Fuller. While ground-based zomes have been around for quite some time now, Duncan’s Kodama Zome is the first of its kind that can be hung. It is completely hand-built, by a team of highly-skilled Oregon-based craftsmen.

Each of these hanging zome contains a strengthened steel framework, and custom-made outdoor cushions and mattress. It is similar to a hammock, in that it can be easily hung from a tree or a specially-designed stand. A group of trained installers is sent to assemble the product, in a way that would be aesthetically pleasing, yet easy to access. Interestingly, the word “Kodama” refers tree spirits, found mainly in the Japanese folklore.

Kodama Zome by Richie Duncan-10

Kodama Zome by Richie Duncan-2

Kodama Zome by Richie Duncan-3

Kodama Zome by Richie Duncan-4

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Kodama Zome by Richie Duncan-9

Kodama Zome by Richie Duncan-1

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Kodama Zome by Richie Duncan-12

Source: Kodama Zomes 

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