HueRay! Bicycle Grips showcase side-facing lights – that make the cyclists safely noticeable

When it comes to the scope of cyclist safety, we were already quite impressed by the POC helmet that could alert the user when an automobile is in close proximity. But until such an expansive ‘smart’ system is envisaged, the solution should be more practical and intrinsic to the bicycle itself. And, that is exactly what the HueRay! Bicycle Grip brings to the fray – with its special LEDs that allow sideways lighting from the handles. In essence, these super-bright lights are projected laterally – which in turn enhances the ‘noticeability’ of the rider from the side angles.

This does make sense, since according to IIHS almost 38 percent of fatal cyclist-related accidents in 2013 occurred at intersections when the motorists tried to cut in a side path, also known as ‘right hook’ (see below image). However, in the case of the HueRay!, this could be potentially avoided by the lateral lights that make the cyclist visible from the side-window of the driver (as opposed to the regular front-facing headlight of most bicycles).


And beyond just the safety ambit, the HueRay! grips are also tailored to both comfort and convenience of the cyclist. To that end, these vibrantly-colored components are crafted from silicone that boasts of better gripping, heat reduction (under sunny conditions) and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, the lighting setup inside the grip is easily detachable, thus making it theft-proof. This is complemented by its rechargeable Li-Po batteries that completely eschew the need for long term battery maintenance and costs.

Now in spite of this set of advantages, we are a bit concerned about how such a lateral lighting setup might indirectly affect the visibility range of a car driver with its glare (though the predicament can be solved when the bicycle makes its side turn). Anyhow, the HueRay! Bicycle Grip does make its solid case when it comes solely to the safety factor of the cyclist. So, if interested, you can take a gander at their ongoing Kickstarter campaign that showcases a super early bird special series with price tags of just $50.

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