Cloud 9: A floating pizzeria amid the paradisiacal waters of Fiji


We have harped about solar-powered floating residences, and we have prattled about submarine/floating house combos. But when it comes to sheer style factor, the aptly named Cloud 9 takes the cake – by virtue of its ‘coolness’ factor. How so? Well, located off the coast of Fiji, the floating structure doesn’t account for habitation – rather it functions as a pizzeria. Yes, a pizzeria in the pristine waters surrounding Fiji!


In terms of location, the floating eatery can be reached by an easy 45-minute boat ride from Port Denarau. But for those love their pizza, the Cloud 9 pizzeria can be by a blistering 10 minute speed boat ride from three locations – Musket Cove Resort, Lomani Resort and Plantation Resort. And since we have been harping about pizzas, the establishment doesn’t just serve any pedestrian variety; it is rather known for concocting those delicacies in the famed Italian Wood Fired Pizza style (with other options – both vegetarian and non-vegetarian being also available).

Now of course, the ambit of luxury goes far beyond just pizzas. To that end, the establishment with its 100-people capacity does host a range of DJ events on every weekend. Thrill seekers and ritzy adventurers are also welcome to partake in the turquoise waters surrounding the Cloud 9, with upcoming options for both motorized and unmotorized water sports.

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Via: MyModernMet

Images Credit: Tor Johnson

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