Flike: A nifty flying bike giving ‘wings’ to future of personal transportation


We have seen groovy quadcopters with ‘fake’ passengers atop them. But what about a personal flying bike that…actually flies with you on top? Well, a few Hungarian flight aficionados at Bay Zoltán, have achieved something on similar lines – and the nifty end result is the Flike, an all-electric personal flight vehicle.

Initially starting out a project for applied research, the Flike has been developed into a credible flight tricopter with the so-called coaxial ‘Y6’ layout. This pertains to the six rotors that are arranged as counter-rotating pairs of three axes (for aiding emergency lifts, in case of motor failure) – with all being arrayed uniformly around the central circular frame. As for the aerial aspects, these fixed-pitch rotors are made of a carbon composite material, and they provide the lift in a similar manner to that of a conventional helicopter.

Lastly, as for the drive-train of the Flike, the rotors are powered by individual electric disc motors, while the entire vehicle is fueled by lithium polymer batteries. So, in a sense, the flying bike (or hover bike)accounts for zero carbon emission – though the battery power can only allow for just 20 minutes of hover flight. And all things considered – the flying contraption we see here, is just the first prototype of the envisaged craft. To that end, the team plans on building a second prototype with better features that would ultimately lead to the final svelte-looking product (pictured below).

Flike_Flying_Bike_Bay_Zoltán_4 Flike_Flying_Bike_Bay_Zoltán_2 Flike_Flying_Bike_Bay_Zoltán_3

Via: LaughingSquid

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