The ‘real’ GTA short film you may have missed out on


Real world recreation of GTA might not seem to be such a big deal, especially considering the seemingly ‘realistic’ portrayal already demonstrated by the game world itself (as touted by horde of gamers from around the world). However, Youtube channel CorridorDigital’s recreation of GTA V takes it to a whole new level – by aptly showcasing the ‘reality-shattering’ quirks of this game world. The end result is satisfying, amusing and praiseworthy at the same time – with the perfect camera angles, the nonchalant walking posture of the main character, and the smile-inducing game tropes (like easy salvaging of gold and money from NPCs).

Oh, and lest we forget, the short video titled ‘Real GTA’ also shows us a flurry of actual Los Angeles area landmarks, with painstaking attention to details –

Source: CorridorDigital

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