DIYer ingeniously crafts a modular lamp that can morph into unique shapes


As a thumb rule, well designed products do not come cheap. But DIYer Mike Warren has gone against the convention to prove his point – and the end result is the gloriously shape-shifting Stacked Lamp that is directly inspired by its costly commercial counterpart Babele. In essence, this hand-crafted version allows the user to have the final say in respect to the visual outcome of the wooden lamp – with free arranging features. And impressively, all of these transforming aspects were achieved with the aid of a free 3D modelling software and just $15 worth of supplies. However, the really good part is – Warren has also shared the detailed step-by-step process of creating one of these beauties, over at Instructables.

To make things short, our resourceful designer started out by using TinkerCAD to conceive (and modify) the 3D bearing of the lamp model. He then jumped on to another nifty yet free program known as 123D Make for converting the 3D model into 2D components – which were consequently printed on a standard desktop printer. The resultant paper printouts were cut by hand and then glued to actual wood portions.


And, once these sectional schemes were placed in order, Warren went on to cut out the actual 3D forms (made of wood) by using machinery like a jigsaw or bandsaw. Finally, the wooden pieces were sanded and fitted around the central lamp stand made out of a plastic tube. Suffice it to say, this plastic component holds the main light (at the bottom), along with all the electrical paraphernalia of wires and connections.

So, in case you are interested in crafting your own version of the Stacked lamp, go give a gander at this detailed set of instructions. Additionally, you can also check out Warren’s other DIY masterpiece – the glow-in-the-dark table.

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Via: Ufunk

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