Cracked Log Lamps combine naturalism of wood with ‘glowy’ LED elegance


It is not often that we use lamp and log in the same sentence. But that is exactly the incredible combination that artist Duncan Meerding has achieved with his unpretentiously named series of Cracked Log Lamps. Created from salvaged wood that would have otherwise been used for wasteful burning, the lighting scope is wholly contained within the wooden logs. This arrangement endows the conceptions with an enchanting flair, while at the same time establishing our intrinsic relationship with nature. As the designer himself made it clear – “by turning them into a vessel for light, we can bring the outside in…”.


Interestingly enough, Meerding is legally blind, and this condition according to the designer, inspired the ‘diffusive’ visual impact showcased by the Cracked Log Lamps. In essence, the light emanating from the peripheries of the logs is pleasingly understated, thus alluding to the scope of alternative sensory that the artist finds himself in.

And beyond visual symbolism, the Cracked Log Lamps do boast of state-of-the-art LED strips for the alluring glow points complemented by nature. There is also the element of flexibility, with each of the sturdy, weather-resistant design’s second purpose entailing a usable stool (or even table). As for installing them , the log-lamps can be set up by being wired to 12 volt DC power supplies. Additionally, the designer is also working on a more portable version that would come with its rechargeable battery system.

Cracked_Log_Lamp_Duncan_Meerding_2 Cracked_Log_Lamp_Duncan_Meerding_3 Cracked_Log_Lamp_Duncan_Meerding_4

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Via: MyModernMet

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