Samsung’s “Safety Truck” might just improve traffic safety levels with its live feed feature


According to a startling statistical scope, on an average over 20 people in Argentina die in traffic accidents every day. Suffice it to say, the vast majority (over 80 percent) of such unfortunate fatalities occur on the road – with most of them involving risky overtaking maneuvers on single-lane paths. And oddly enough, it is Samsung (in collaboration with Leo Burnett and Ingematica) which has come up with a solution that could potentially alleviate such baleful traffic situations. To that end, the Korean-giant has contrived what is unpretentiously termed as the ‘Safety Truck’. It simply entails a large truck that is equipped with a humongous display at the rear-end that is connected to a forward facing camera. In essence, the display with four cumulative screens, shows the traffic ‘happenings’ that take place in front of the large vehicle via wireless video feeds.

So, as a nifty measure, any vehicle driver at the rear end of the truck can easily make out what is happening (in regards to the traffic situation) in front of the large vehicle. Such visual connections can positively affect his decision-making, especially when it comes to risky overtaking maneuvers. This is further complemented by the night-vision technology of the installed camera system, thus accounting for traffic safety even during night times.

Now in purely practical terms, a massive screen showcasing live feeds from the road may be a tad distracting to the proximate drivers. But due to lack of better solutions (at least in our present scenario), giant displays at the end of trucks might just do the safety trick for folk who take their driving seriously.

Via: SlashGear

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