“A Natural History of the Fantastic” artbook covers the ‘precise’ anatomies of fantastical beasts

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We have proudly prattled about a host of monstrous mythological beasts and ‘hybrid’ mythological creatures. But if your fable-inspired side really wants to get into the nitty-gritty of mythological entities, you should seriously take a gander at A Natural History of the Fantastic, a 120-page artbook by Christopher Stoll, detailing the ‘correct’ anatomies of 20 assorted fantastical entities.

A_Natural_History_of_the_Fantastic_artbook_Christopher Stoll_2

Yes, you read that right! Taking over three years to compile the expensive data and represent it in an incredible visual form, our artist/author has went on to describe a number of qualities of these fantasy creatures. These features in the artbook bestiary not only include the aforementioned anatomy, but also relate to the behavioral patterns and origins of the mythical entities. The fantastical scope is further complemented by rich stories that will accompany the ‘first encounters’ – thus bridging the gap between fantasy and biology.

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Now, in case you are interested, the artbook covers a wealth of fantasy beasts ranging from Goblins, Centaurs to Griffins and Dragons. And, the good news is – the project has already passed its Kickstarter goal of $4,000, and making its towards the $7,000 mark with 26 days still to go (as of writing). To that end, a paperback variety of the artbook will you set you back by $25. Moreover, pledge of over $50 will bring an additional 50-page bonus sketchbook that explains the compiling and creation of the beasts’ anatomies from the artist’s perspective.

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