Take that photorealism! New video showcases the brilliant graphical fidelity of Unreal Engine 4


Our love affair with the Unreal Engine 4 continues with these newly released images that obviously culminate into a grand, graphical set-piece of a video. Concocted by one user who goes by the name of Koola, the incredible rendering was shared on the forums of the Unreal Engine 4, and boy it is impressive! As one can make out from the images, the real-time graphical prowess of the game engine showcases some photorealistic shots of a beach and its tide pools in one set, and the glorious hue of a lava flow in another. And after you are baffled by this scope of ‘reality’, do take a moment to appreciate the lighting and the shadows that are dynamically oriented along the length and breath of the screens.


Unreal_Engine_4_photorealistic_graphics_2 Unreal_Engine_4_photorealistic_graphics_3 Unreal_Engine_4_photorealistic_graphics_4

This ain’t no real beach!

And in case, you missed out Mario and his robust rendering in Unreal Engine 4, do take a gander at the this video –

Via: TechSpot

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