Cocoon Tree: A sustainable tree house that makes living in the trees a luxurious affair

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With more and more people looking to Nature for tranquility and rejuvenation, the hospitality industry is coming up with products and services that allow the weary soul to relax and reinvigorate, away from the nerve-wracking pace of the city. One favorite, among adventurers, is living in a tree house, right in the heart of nature. For some, however, spending just a night in the wilderness is not enough. If you’ve ever wanted to own a tree pod, but shied away at the thought of building one yourself, the innovative pre-fabricated Cocoon Tree is just the thing for you!

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Designed by French artist, Berni Du Payrat, the suspended sleeping pod boasts an incredibly lightweight design, and can be powered sustainably using solar and wind energy. Weighing just around 60 kg (approx. 130 pounds), the spherical aluminium framework can hold the weight of nearly one ton. It features 12 strategically-spaced locking points that in turn provide rigidity and lateral stability. Hung from trees using a combination of suspension ropes and safety nets, the Cocoon Tree can be installed by two people, in under two hours. Alternatively, one can enlist the help of a team of professional assemblers and climbers, provided by the company, to set up the tree house.

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Despite its highly compact shape, the spherical tree-dwelling can easily accommodate up to two people, as well as two small children. The snug interior is fitted with a stunning, centrally-situated circular bed, measuring about 2.4 meters (7.8 feet) in diameter. The pod is protected from the elements, by means of a specially-designed waterproof tarpaulin exterior. The openings are covered with thick mosquito netting. The inside also contains a fan that runs on solar or wind power. The sustainable tree house can be accessed via a flight of stairs, or simply by climbing the net.

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What is more, the tree pod comes with a pair of adjustable limbs, with the help of which the structure can be mounted onto a ground-based platform. Alternately, it can float on water, while being secured to a fixed pole. Priced at $8,000, the Cocoon Tree is one of the three models currently being sold by the company. These include the $5,000 Cocoon Beach and the stunning $10,600 Jungle model.

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Via: Inhabitat

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