The solar-powered “Transforming Castle Truck” brings fantasy and comfort under the same roof

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When it comes to your dream house, nothing short of spectacular will do. For some, it might be a sustainably-powered tree house that makes living in the wilderness a truly opulent affair. For New Zealand-based couple, Justin and Jola, however, this incredible “Transforming Castle Truck” is what they call home. A glorious exemplar of tiny living, the structure represents the seamlessly beguiling fusion of fantasy and convenience, of creativity and imagination.

A travelling performer by profession, Jola, and her family, have been living in this whimsical, yet utilitarian, home for quite some time now. While on the road, it looks similar to the house trucks, commonly found in the Kiwi country, except for the pair of rotating turrets on the back. Thanks to its ingenious design, the house folds into a neat, compact package that surprisingly meets all the necessary road safety clearances.

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When parked, however, the structure turns into something entirely different. From a commonplace, and somewhat dull, house truck, it transforms into a breathtaking fantasy castle, almost magically. Completely off-the-grid, the mobile dwelling is powered sustainably with the help of solar panels, attached to the roof. Additionally, it features an efficient rainwater retention system that delivers the collected water into specially-designed tanks, for storage.

Despite its small size, the castle truck opens up to reveal an incredibly spacious interior, fitted with all the necessary comforts of a modern home. The fully-equipped, centrally-located kitchen is the result of Justin and Jola’s love for food and cooking. Tons of storage space, in the form of cupboards and wardrobes, have been built right into the walls and corners of the house.

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The polygonal loft bedroom actually echoes the couple’s artistic and whimsical spirit. Lined with windows on all sides, the walls feature the music and lyrics of old songs. Underneath the retractable roof is an expansive balcony, containing a bathtub, a hammock and even a sun-powered food dehydrator. Although an integral part of the medieval castle, the turrets, in this case, actually double as the bathroom area. The left turret houses a composting toilet, while the right one contains the shower as well as a small washing machine.

Justin and Jola belong to a fast-growing community of homeowners, who are abandoning their big city houses in favor of smaller and more self-sufficient alternatives.

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