Video of five of the most bizarre photos of World War II

World War II-1

An event that changed the entire face of world history and politics; brought several nations to the brink of economic collapse and took the lives of more than 50 million people, that is the Second World War. While a lot has been said, and studied, through the years since 1945, there are still countless other things, about the war, that remain unknown, unexplained and hidden.

Here at HEXAPOLIS, we have talked quite a bit about World War II, from the strangest weapons used during the six-year-long strife to some of the biggest guns used to unleash widespread destruction and annihilation. Well, here is a video, uploaded by YouTuber Dark5, that shows five of the most bizarre photos of the war. The video, supplemented amply with detailed commentary regarding the background of each of these images, states:

“These are the strangest, most mysterious photos from World War II, including a fighter plane outfitted to deliver beer, to a kid wearing a creepy Disney approved Mickey Mouse gas mask to a potential UFO sighting.”

And in case you are taken aback by these images, do take a gander at this poignant animated short that showcases the profound loss of lives incurred during this global war.

Via: War History Online

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