Hop onto this bizarre drill-powered walking machine for a stroll around the block

Drill-Powered Walking Machine-1

From quirky to downright bizarre, we, at HEXAPOLIS, are always on the lookout for the most unusual innovations, be it in design, architecture or even technology. And this drill-powered walking machine is an excellent exemplar of all that is weird and strange in this world. A well-known name in the DIY community, Izzy Swan has designed this somewhat-outlandish walker, which is in turn driven by means of an electric drill.

Founder of Think Woodworks, Swan has modeled his latest creation after the Strandbeest, a highly inventive wind-walking PVC sculpture developed by Netherlands-based artist Theo Jansen. The contraption features a pair of wooden legs, that are painted silver for a shiny, metallic appearance. The oddly-shaped limbs are driven by a 20-volt electric drill, via a worm drive shaft and gear box. The entire setup is held together with the help of screws used traditionally for woodworking.

While we are currently unaware of the speed at which the walking machine operates, it does seem to be even slower than the Segway. Although it can carry loads of up to 370 pounds (approx. 168 kg), Swan claims that the contraption delivers better speed while carrying lighter people. In a recently uploaded YouTube video, the designer provides in-depth information about the building process and the materials used.

Via: Popular Science 

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